Amsterdam, Netherlands

I sat along a canal at night admiring the neon signs and street lights reflecting in the water while enjoying some space cake. Amsterdam is so laid back. I wonder why?

I can tell you what I enjoyed the most. Partaking in… riding bicycles everywhere. Bicycling was my main mode of transportation for years in LA so it made me feel right at home riding with everyone else. I almost felt like a local, but I was probably just in everyone’s way. In my opinion, the best way to see and experience Amsterdam is peddling around the old-fashioned way on two wheels. They’re not that expensive to rent and you can cover so much ground really fast. And… the Red Light District was – interesting, to say the least.

My most important takeaway from Amsterdam was to relax and stop overthinking. How fitting. I often get lost in my head thinking about where I currently am and where I’ll be. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to not being where you think you ought to be. Visiting the Vincent van Gogh museum put it into perspective for me. Van Gogh, the man who is considered the greatest Dutch painter after Rembrandt was late to the game when it came to his art. It wasn’t until he turned 27 when he decided to become a painter. Just goes to show that we still have time to figure out what it is we want to do, where we want to be, and how we’ll get there.

In this day and age, we often feel the pressure of reaching success at a young age and this often sets us up for disappointment. Don’t panic. We all grow at our own pace. You missed your mark. So what? Try again. Aim higher, aim true, act accordingly. Leave a legacy you’ll be proud of. Please don’t cut your ear off.