Berlin, Germany

My time in Berlin flashed before my eyes. I was just up and constantly on the move. It was the first city I touched down in, so you can say I was pretty excited. I felt like I couldn’t waste any time. Pacing myself was out of the question. I wanted to do as much as I could. If I felt tired I would tell myself, “Jetz oder nie!” Now or never!

Berlin is immersed in history. We hopped from monument to monument in awe and amazement. We kicked it at Mauerpark on a lovely Sunday afternoon, laying in the grass as the local musicians graced our ears. It was all so beautiful. They definitely have the nightlife to match. I think I watched the sunrise four days in a row. If I remember correctly, I was only there for four days. And somehow, I found a pint in my hand all too often. I’m not complaining though. I’m all for the German beer culture.

The people of Berlin were so kind and patient. They’re probably used to people from all over the world getting lost in their city, but nonetheless, they were so inviting.

I gave a poet 3euros and 3 words to write a poem for me in 5 minutes. So I will leave you with that.

when you’re in
the city of
you will see
wherever you go
you might even get to know
the secret FIRE
that burns in its bowels
and you will never tire
of the music they                    play.

I really told him “wanders” though but that’s cool too.