Prague, Czech Republic

Prague was nothing short of alluring. I was lost in real-life fairy-tale, walking cobblestone streets at the feet of 14th-century architecture marveling at a castle gleaming in the distance. I’m afraid surreal is the only word to describe it. I couldn’t help but do full spins in the middle of the street like I was in a movie. I hugged a castle damn it! Cringeworthy I know, but ain’t no shame about it. It was fucking magical.

Sunsets on St. Charles Bridge somehow slow down time. You just gaze out and as the sun disappears and the city lights turn on. If you can lay flat on your back in the middle of Prague Castle’s III Courtyard and admire it in all its grandeur, do it. I walked to the castle about an hour before they closed it off. Not many people were around so I didn’t have to worry about getting trampled. Of course, if you love The Beatles, get some gelato and make way to the John Lennon Wall. You’ll find street performers covering classics by the legends. I enjoyed doing all these things. Shit, I even found myself in a dance battle on a boat party floating down the Vltava River and won. I had a blast, but it wasn’t the city that moved me so much this time around.

I met a girl – selfless with the purest heart, a soul as beautiful as the city she was raised in, and wisdom beyond her years to match. She left the biggest impression on me on my way out Prague. Her name was Noami. She shared her story; her upbringing and how she and her family live humbly to do what they love – travel. When I say humbley, I mean her and her family would sacrifice basic living necessities to afford traveling like not having any heat and hot water during cold winters. Materialistic possesions and luxuries? Forget about it. She valued seeing the world and experiencing it more than anything. Her willingness to sacrifice and suffer for it was so inspiring. Noami was actually en route to Serbia during record-breaking heat waves with nothing but her backpack and group of friends. “We don’t have any plans. We’ll sleep in the park if we have to!” she explained with this contagious smile as she passed me some vodka. A free spirit.

Noami made me think about what I truly valued and what I really wanted out of life. So let’s ask ourselves, “How bad do we really want it?”